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Top 10 Cities to Visit in Europe – Your Western Bucket List!

Top 10 Cities to Visit in Europe – Your Western Bucket List!

When someone talks about Europe, the places that come to mind are Paris, Rome, Venice, or Barcelona. Sure thing, these cities have an irresistible charm, but if you really want to see the continent beyond the typical, you should consider these top 10 cities to visit in Europe. We have listed some of the must-visits without the most common destinations you’ll see in the magazines.

So if you want something new, here are the places you should add on your Europe bucket list:

1. Florence, Italy

top 10 cities to visit in Europe

The art-filled hometown of Dante Alighieri, Florence has never lost its sparkle among artists and tourists. It’s the center of the Italian Renaissance and the city that witnessed key events of history.

Aside from rounding museums and palaces, you should also visit Oltrarno. It’s deemed as the newest area in Florence bustling with up-and-coming restaurants and shops.

Of course, a visit in Florence wouldn’t be complete without tasting authentic Tuscan cuisines. Also, you have to make obligatory visits to Duomo, Museo Di San Marco, and the historic Galleria Degli Uffizi.

2. Seville, Spain

top 10 cities to visit in Europe

If you think that Barcelona is the only gem in Spain, wait until you see the city of Seville. This capital of the Andalusia region is home to the Alcazar of Seville, a UNESCO-listed site. And yes, that’s the palace of the House of Martell in the TV series Game of Thrones!

Many call Seville as the ‘doorway to the past’ because of its Gothic cathedrals, Mudejar palaces, and other baroque architecture.

Still, Seville managed to have a modern glow with bars, tapa places, and massive annual festivals.

3. Vienna, Austria

top 10 cities to visit in Europe

Exquisite isn’t enough to describe the beauty Vienna possesses. The whole place is the embodiment of artistry and history as the country’s capital.

Across seasons, there’s always something to do in Vienna. During winter, one of the most anticipated activities is ice-skating all over the frozen surface of the Danube River.

On other seasons, you’ll be happy to visit museums and watch the latest operas. If you’re snacky, we recommend that you try the Sachertorte, it’s a local treat you can taste at Hotel Sacher.

4. Lucerne, Switzerland

top 10 cities to visit in Europe

Lucerne is a Swiss storybook that comes to life. It has covered bridges and old buildings reminiscent of old Europe. Since it’s situated at the edge of Lake Lucerne, this town is the common jump-off point of those who are visiting the Swiss Alps. So if you’re planning to visit, you can also head to a mountain experienced later on.

Still, if you are to stay in Lucerne, make sure that you take time off to appreciate the beauty of the place. Visit the Mount Pilatus, also known as the Dragon Mountain. You can also stay within the Old Town enjoying some quiet time along the Reuss Bank.

5. Lisbon, Portugal

top 10 cities to visit in Europe

If you are only willing to go off the beaten track, you will discover the mesmerizing beauty of Lisbon. This underrated city in Portugal offers a breath-taking coastal view and colorful architectures that will be a delight of Instagram-savvy visitors.

Also, the city boasts cinematic hillsides as well as the glam of its Gothic architecture. You’ll surely fall in love in the city’s cobblestone streets, ancient ruins, and rustic alleyways. Of course, you shouldn’t miss a night at the Bairro Alto!

6. Istanbul, Turkey

top 10 cities to visit in Europe

Istanbul is becoming a favorite destination for those who want to experience a convergence of Asian and European cultures. It’s like a magical meeting place for the East and West.

Istanbul has the spectacular architecture to boast, not to mention its history-filled churches, palaces, and domes. The Byzantines and the Ottomans have shaped this place into a melting pot of culture, culinary prowess, and art.

Make sure that you visit the Sultanahmet Square, Grand Bazaar, and the picturesque Camlica Hill!

7. Prague, Czech Republic

top 10 cities to visit in Europe

Another underrated city in Europe is picture-painted Prague. Also known as the ‘City of the Hundred Spires’, Prague is home to Baroque and Gothic buildings that speak a lot about its colorful past.

Also, Prague is dubbed as the equal of Paris, due to its glam, especially at night. In this city, you can find a hilltop castle, a 14th-century stone bridge, and the Vltava River.

In Prague, you’ll find the world’s best beer. And when we say best, we’re not kidding.

8. Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp is a port city, which is the capital of the Antwerp province located in Flanders. Unlike the capital Brussels, Antwerp shines on its second Golden Age. It’s also the middle of everything – you can reach Brussels in less than an hour, or you can visit the nearest country, which is The Netherlands in just a short drive.

While in Antwerp, make sure that you visit the spellbinding Stadspark. If you want to party, the Tomorrowland Festival will not disappoint. It’s held every summer in Boom, about 10 miles from the center of Antwerp.

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands

From Antwerp, you can take a drive to Amsterdam. This city is the second Venice with its canals and bridges that surround the place.

The city has a rustic background of gabled buildings, vintage shops, and museums that will surely delight every tourist.

Make sure that you visit The Van Gogh Museum, Rembrandt House Museum, and the Hermitage Amsterdam, among others.

10. Lyon, France

If Paris sounds overrated to you, then head to Lyon instead. It’s located south of Paris and is one of the world’s largest heritage sites.

Lyon houses Roman ruins, renaissance towns, industrial districts, and more gems that played pivotal roles in history.

You can start at Vieux Lyon, an old quarter with gothic, French, and Italian architecture. Other must-visits include Parc de la Tete d’Or, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, Fourvière Theater, and more.

Final words

These top 10 cities to visit in Europe are just a glimpse of the beauty that this continent possesses. It’s a convergence of history, culture, modern touches, and artistry which appeals to every tourist. So if you’re planning a visit, make sure that you consider these 10 amazing cities.

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