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The Bachelor Life: 9 Best Destinations for Single Guys

The Bachelor Life: 9 Best Destinations for Single Guys

If you are a single guy in the prime of your life, you may be up for four things. First, you may be searching for your life’s purpose. Second, you may be wanting to reinvent yourself. Third, you may be wanting to unwind. Fourth, you may be searching for a significant other. You may identify with only one or maybe all four! The thing is, sometimes, to accomplish these, you may need to pack your bags and set off to somewhere far and new. Now, what could be some of the best destinations for single guys?

First of all, literally going outside of your comfort zone can sometimes open up a door of possibilities. Going away for a time can give you the time to really ponder about your mere existence in this world. It can allow you the space to evaluate yourself and see the other parts that aren’t usually shown in the spotlight. It can give you the liberty to rest too. Lastly, if luck is in your stars, you may find a lover along the way.

You may get the best out of your bachelor life by traveling to a foreign place. So I suggest you prepare all your essentials now and pick one place you like. Here is a list of the nine best destinations for single guys like you.

1.Nashville, Tennessee

This is the famed Music City very well-known for its country music! Going here will really be a treat to your ears and music loving soul. There are tons of music shows. Aside from this, Nashville offers more fun things for you to do as a single guy looking to have the best time of his life.

Sightseeing is a good activity for you to relax and ponder. In Nashville, you can go see attractions and significant sites. There is a historical mansion there called The Hermitage which was once occupied by the 7th US President, Andrew Jackson. There are still original belongings in there despite being restored. The beautiful landscape surrounding it will make you feel an awe. In addition to this, you can take bus tours to really see the entirety of the place and the other astonishing spots.

Nashville also offers a great deal of amazing foods! You can get a scorching, hot chicken and grab your bottle of whiskey.

2. Paris, France

This one is a no-brainer. If you are a single guy searching for romance or just seeking a place where you can fall in love with yourself, you need not to look further than the City of Love!

Every inch of Paris is screaming reverence. It offers a lot of things to do for a single guy like you. The view from the top of the Eiffel Tower is spectacular, but you can try other stuff like a sunset cruise down the eminent River Seine. You can also go to gardens and parks like the Luxembourg Gardens filled with 17th century statues, wrought-iron gates, and a grotto-style fountain.

Another thing to do for a single guy like you who is surely taking care of his image, is to go shopping for elegant perfumes in Paris’ celebrated fragrance boutiques.  Also, you can go to a wine tasting in a vineyard itself! Le Clos Montmartre is the city’s one and only vineyard which produces 800-1000 bottles a year.

3. Madrid, Spain

A dance of Flamenco can be an exciting endeavor for a single guy like you once you find yourself in Madrid. This is a passionate dance involving hand clapping and intricate body movements. You can try learning how to dance it or just watch a flamenco concert offered by some bars. It is a wonderful bohemian Madrid experience!

It also offers art exhibitions that you may enjoy. There are various cultural centers in every corner, so you won’t really miss a thing. Take note that Madrid is already an eye candy itself because of its beautiful architecture.

4. New York City, USA

Welcome to New York! It’s been waiting for you. Welcome to New York!

A famous song goes like that and it is totally understandable because once you go to the City that Never Sleeps, a grand welcome is a must! What to expect from a place that never sleeps? Almost every single thing that you can think of! New York is a place where you won’t run out of ideas on how to spend the day or the night. It is indeed one of the best destinations for single guys!

In busy and crowded cities like this, there are obvious things that are there for you to do. There are bars, nightclubs, comedy clubs, sports stadiums, and more. Crowds and parties are everywhere! So it is a matter of knowing the unusual activities that are available as well. Indoor skydiving is one of the uncommon activities that you can enjoy. If adrenaline isn’t your thing, you can try thermal baths to soothe your muscles and relax.

If you want to have a panoramic view of the City that Never Sleeps, you can go ride a helicopter and watch the city from above. You will get to see the amazing landmarks. Also, have you heard of the Museum of Sex? This museum explores the art, science, and the study of human sexuality. You may learn some things there too.

5. Stockholm, Sweden

A place for the thinkers because it is a visual feast. It is one of Sweden’s cultural center. There are numerous art galleries for you to see. There is the Stockholm History Museum filled with silver and gold treasures. On the other hand, the Vasa Museum is a dry-dock museum and travelers go there to bask in the enchantment of the ship. Outstanding photographs from around the world are being exhibited in another museum called Fotografisca Stockholm. The oldest open-air museum in the world is also found here. It is called the Skansen Open Air Museum which is a good place to visit if you are a guy who loves nostalgia! It will teach you some things about old Sweden while you are experiencing the rare outdoor aspect of the said gallery.

Another attraction which proves that Stockholm is a visual feast is the Gamla Stan known as the “beating heart” of the place. This is a strip full of many fun things to do while you are having the taste of old Sweden. If, on the other hand, you just want to do stroll, you can go to The Royal National City Park. You will be surrounded by nothing but the calming greenery.

One more thing, Stockholm is especially a treat for the eyes during the Christmas season because of its festive decorations! So it may be a good idea to celebrate the holiday there.

6. St. Andrews, Scotland

Another one of the best destinations for single guys is St. Andrews on the east coast of Scotland which is known for its many golf courses. If you are one of many men who are into the popular club-and-ball sport, you may go pack your clubs, balls, and other gears then head there.

An opportunity to make friends with people who are into the same things as you is laid on the table. In addition to that, golf is known to be an activity utilized by businessmen to be acquainted with prospective business partners. So if you are a bachelor who is also a businessman, you may score a good business connection or deal there while you are doing your thing. Who says that you can’t multitask, right?

Now, if you are the kind of man who loves thrill, you may want to try St. Andrews’ ghost tours wherein you will be introduced to haunted locations such as the St. Andrews University. If ghosts don’t excite you, the view in the harbour might. St.Andrews Harbour is picturesque for the colorful boats. If the smell of the marine life is good for you, then it is a must-try to sit there.

7. Tagaytay, Philippines

A city of cold weather and magnificent view from towering heights, Tagaytay is perfect for a single guy who wants solitude. While you are entering the city, you will already feel on top of the world because you will realize that you are going upwards, and there is an amazing view down there.

The high altitude of the city gives it cold but nice weather that feels so good when you are taking your morning or afternoon coffee. There are many bed and breakfasts and hotels who offer a room with an amazing panoramic view. If you happen to avail one, prepare your coffee or tea, and sit there at sunrise or sunset. The chilly air will complete the moment and you will feel like you are in a movie.

8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


That right there is already enough to explain why Rio de Janeiro is one of the best destinations for single guys like you. There are many beaches there where you can have fun, relax, and flaunt your sexiness! The Copacabana beach there is one of the most famous beaches in the world. There is also the Ipanema beach which is essentially attached to the Copacabana. Just think about the gorgeous tan that you will get and the opportunity to be acquainted with hot people!

If you are done swimming, you can go check Downtown Rio full of alleyways that are like mazes. You can find cafés, stores, markets, cathedrals, museums, and monasteries there! Another thing you can do in Rio de Janeiro is to party! You may want to visit there at the same time that the Rio Carnival takes place. It is one of the world’s biggest parties which celebrates the Samba culture. Rio Scenerium, on the other hand, is a nightclub which you can also go to if you want to listen to live bands. It is an excellent place to spend your evening in Brazil.

One last thing, a single guy like you who has a good appetite should also try the foods there. Brazilian barbeque is popular as well as some desserts and pastries.

9. Munich, Germany

Beer is an integral part of German culture and Munich has just the best beers in the country. A bachelor like you needs to have a good drink from time to time, so it just makes Munich as one of the best destinations for single guys like you! Going there to taste one of the world’s finest may be one of the best decisions that you can make in your life.

Munich is home to the world’s oldest brewery which is still in action, dating back to 700 AD. The beer culture there has religious roots just like the monks who lived in the monasteries were the first brew masters as well as churches offered beer as an incentive to encourage people to attend.

Now, you need to follow a specific beer drinking etiquette once you get there. Germans rarely make eye contact, but they do it intentionally and with conviction when they drink beer. Basically, you need to tap your glass with the glasses of everyone in the table and cheer “Prost!” while having an eye contact. They say that if you don’t make eye contact, you will suffer from seven years of bad sex. Do you want that? Of course, no! So do what you need to do! Oktoberfest is a famous festival there which gathers tourists all over the world. It is weeks of parades, rides, live music, and an abundance of German beer and food.

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Final words

Being a bachelor is a wonderful phase of your life that you should cherish. You can do a lot of things while you are single. Knowing who you really are is a journey that you can embark on and going to these fun destinations may help you a lot. Who knows? Maybe you can find the love of your life in one of these places too because, let us just admit it though, people in those places are beautiful too! When that happens, then what a really great travel for you!

Of course, there are more cities where you can go. The options are endless. This list of best destinations for single guys is merely a suggestion. Go on and follow your heart. Live the best bachelor life!


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