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Safety Tips for Traveling Alone in a Different Country

Safety Tips for Traveling Alone in a Different Country

Traveling alone is both exciting and scary. As a lone wolf in a different country, you’ll have to blend into a whole new culture, language, and customs. If you’re not prepared, you may fall victim to scams and notorious mistakes that some travelers committed. To keep you safe on your solo travel abroad, you should remember the following safety tips for traveling alone:

safety tips for traveling alone

1.     Always stay connected

Before you go, make sure that you are fully connected. Tell your family and friends about your destination and itinerary. Always bring your cellphone with you wherever you go so you can call for help if things go south.

You should get a roaming line too, or if it’s too prohibitive, you can purchase or rent a phone upon arrival. Don’t walk out of the airport unless your communications are all set.

2.     Don’t stash your valuables in one place

One of the biggest mistakes travelers do is placing every valuable item in one fanny pack. If someone grabs this, you’ll be left with nothing. This is why we recommend placing your cash, passport, tickets, and cellphone in different bags if possible.

3.     Study your destination

Next, make sure that you know your destination well. Don’t fly blindly into a different country without knowing some do’s and don’ts. Also, you should have a fixed itinerary as well as booked accommodation. With this, you won’t arrive with no plan in hand.

4.     Arrive during daylight

We recommend arriving at your accommodation in daylight so you can scan the place thoroughly. Also, arriving at night is a safety risk, especially if you’re traveling to a secluded area.

Aside from that, you’re less likely to get lost if you’ll arrive while the sun is up.

5.     Be insured before you travel

This is very important: get travel insurance before your trip. World Nomads is one of the most reputable travel insurance companies, plus they let you buy the policy even after you left your country.

Should anything happen to you, you’ll not be left empty-handed because you have a safety net in place.

6.     Recognize the risks

As much as traveling alone is a new kind of high, you should also recognize the potential risks in the area. Is it notorious for being unsafe for women? Are the taxi drivers known for ripping off? Are there alleyways that you should avoid at night? These simple details will keep you safe.

7.     Don’t trust too quickly

Here’s one golden rule when traveling, alone or not: never trust anybody too easily. Still, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be rude. Just practice proper caution in giving personal information and entrusting your possessions to a person.

Remember, con artists are masters of befriending tourists.

8.     Blend in

Last but not the least, always blend in. This way, you won’t be hot in the eyes of thieves. As much as possible, don’t wear anything that will denote that you’re a tourist. For example, avoid wearing shirts with names of places on it or the name of your university.


These safety tips for traveling alone are just some of the things you have to keep in mind. It’s just simple advice that will keep you out of harm’s way.

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