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Top 5 List of Best Honeymoon Destinations in USA – Romantic Getaways Await!

Top 5 List of Best Honeymoon Destinations in USA – Romantic Getaways Await!

After the pixie dust of the wedding day settles in, the honeymoon is the next big thing that couples look forward to. It’s a special getaway that marks the celebration of love and togetherness that the newlyweds share. So for this post, we have the top 5 list of best honeymoon destinations in USA so you can have the best romantic getaway with the love of your life.

Regardless if you’re adventurous or someone looking for a respite, these places will suit your honeymoon:

1. Hawaii, for a tropical escape

A list of best honeymoon destinations in USA won’t be complete without even mentioning Hawaii. This tropical paradise top bills our list for one thing: it’s a honeymooners’ haven.

From Kauai to Maui, you’ll never run out of things to do on your honeymoon. The stunning beaches call for a splash. Still, we recommend that you stay in Kauai. This is the island for romance and luxury, side to side. Still, if both of you are adventurous, heading to Oahu or Maui will surely give you a pleasing experience.

Beyond the luaus and coconut sipping by the beach, a Hawaii honeymoon is unbeatable. You can go hiking or visiting estate parks. And if you’re obsessed about the beach, Hawaii’s azure waters will not disappoint.

Also, never miss the romantic sunset on Kauai shores. You can even lie down by the shore and watch the stars. Still, you should ready your pocket as Kauai doesn’t always come cheap.

2. Dry Tortugas Islands, FL, for a dream-like experience

If you and your spouse want a secluded and intimate honeymoon, you should consider going to the Dry Tortugas Islands. This place is only reachable through a boat or a seaplane. Also, there are no luxury hotels here so you’d check into one of the campsites.

It may not be as posh as Hawaii, but Dry Tortugas Islands have the charm of its own. The waters are crystal clear, the place is quiet, and staying here is like an experience conjured from a dream.

Take note that if you head here, it’s a sin not to go swimming or snorkeling. The sand and waters beg for you to explore.

Also, you should visit Fort Jefferson, the largest brick building in the entire western hemisphere. It adds a rustic and romantic vibe to the place, much so during sunset.

Every dollar spent here is worth it, especially for newlyweds who want a staycation and a quiet place to spend their honeymoon.

3. Hilton Head, SC, for a leisurely indulgence

Couples who wish to a laidback and calm honeymoon will fit perfectly in Hilton Head, South Carolina. This quaint town has a leisurely pace where you can experience life’s luxury in various ways.

You and your loved can enjoy a spa treatment, wildlife exploration, and more. Also, your honeymoon in Hilton Head won’t be complete without playing golf or tennis.

Moreover, you shouldn’t miss the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge and Coastal Discovery Museum. If your body begs for Vitamin Sea, Hilton Head has 12 miles of sandy beaches to indulge in.

During the late afternoon, you can walk holding hands with your spouse on the Southern streets. And if you wish to stay away from the crowd, a sail across the Calibogue Sound will be a total treat.

And before you leave, make sure that you drop by Calhoun Street where they sell various goods. Also, you should tour the Heyward House at Bluffton’s historic district.

4. Savannah, GA, for an eccentric honeymoon experience

With its cobblestone paths and moss-covered trees, nothing is more romantic than booking a carriage ride around Savannah, Georgia. This quiet and rustic place is perfect for honeymooners who want to experience the beauty of nature and history. It’s also the ideal place to get some peace and quiet after a tiring wedding planning process.

For your first night, don’t miss having a candle-lit dinner in one of Savannah’s fine dining destinations. You can head to Vic’s at the River or The Old Pink House for a traditional southern touch.

After a tiring day of going around the town, you and your spouse deserve a relaxing couple’s massage. For those with sweet teeth, they should try the offered delights in Lulu’s Chocolate Bar. 

Also, Savannah is home to multiple parks and squares. So if you want to take it easy on your pocket, you should head to Forsyth Park or the Oglethorpe Square for an intimate picnic. 

5. Portsmouth, NH, for a honeymoon for the books

A honeymoon in New Hampshire? If you’re looking for a place in this state, Portsmouth is the one to be. It’s a historic and serene place where you can take relaxing walks or a few drinks at a local pub.

Portsmouth also boasts a stunning view of the harbor, perfect for watching sunsets. It also has a historic dockyard where you can take amazing shots as souvenirs during your stay.

Also, you should check the Fort McClary State Park where you can have a romantic weekend with your spouse. There’s also the Seacoast Repertory Theater and Music Hall, Strawberry Banke, Warner House, Black Heritage Trail, and more.

For a quiet walk and picnic, you can try visiting the idyllic Prescott Park right next to the famed Strawberry Banke.

If you’re not satisfied with the land attractions, the best way to see Portsmouth is to join a cruise on the town’s harbor.

Wrapping Up

This list of best honeymoon destinations in USA features only a few of the best places for newlyweds. Regardless of the type of vacation that you’re looking for, there’s always someplace in the U.S. that will delight your heart. Most importantly, you should enjoy every minute that you spend with your spouse while visiting these places. After all, your honeymoon is all about sharing great memories with your loved one.

Have you visited any of these places before? How’s your experience? Share it with us below in the comment section!


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