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Hygiene Essentials 101: Staying Germ-Free While Traveling

Hygiene Essentials 101: Staying Germ-Free While Traveling

You take a look at your luggage. You already have all the clothes that you need. Your travel pillow is ready together with your eye mask and ear plugs. Your travel documents are organized as well in the order that you would need them. You zip everything up and your feet happily tap as you walk out of your home into your well-planned travel adventure. Whether if it is a business trip or a journey for leisure and/or recreation, you are decidedly heading out. But are you sure you really prepared everything that you need? Have you focused on Hygiene Essentials 101 which is the most important thing that would make your travel enjoyable and safe?

What I am talking about here is your travel’s Hygiene Essentials 101. Maintaining your hygiene during your travels should be at the forefront of your priorities, so you could stay safe and healthy wherever you go. Packing your bag with all the essential toiletries is the one of the first things you should put your mind into as soon as you find yourself with a travel journey plan in your hand.

Now, where do you actually start?

Step 1: List All Kinds of Toiletries

It is easy to be overwhelmed by things if you suddenly realize all the planning and preparing you need to do for your travels. Collecting all hygiene essentials is a separate phase in itself. You might worry if you really packed all that you need or you forgotten a handful. The trick is to list all the kinds of toiletries you know. You can do so by researching on the Internet and then printing it for your ease.

You might be wondering as to why you need to list a lot. It is because your destination might require you to use a hygiene product that you aren’t using back home. You might encounter scenarios where you might need something new.

Step 2: Split the List

Gather all the known essentials from the list. You know the drill: toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, mouthwash, body soap, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, facial wash, makeup remover, sunscreen, hair comb, and the list goes on. All of these must be packed in your bag; you shouldn’t miss even one. Then you go scan the remaining items on the list you provided at the first part of your Hygiene Essentials 101. You could go bring some of those items just in case they might be useful in the future. Remember that you should only consider some. The rest should be eliminated because you don’t want your bags, carry-ons, and any other luggage to just be filled by toiletries.

Step 3: Downsize!

This is where all the magic happens! You might be able to pack all the items in your final list and don’t get a really heavy bag. That right there is a burden if you are traveling and might also not pass the baggage weight limit in airports. The secret? Downsize all the items!

The term “travel size” has gained its cute image because everything you know is in a smaller size. Your tall shampoo bottle is now in a miniature one. Your toothpaste is in a sachet. Your big body soap at home is now in little pieces. Your big alcohol bottle is now in a small spray container.

Step 4: Get a Good Bag

All your toiletries must be assembled in a clean bag. Obviously, one which has dividers, straps, and all that is much more favorable because you can organize your hygiene essentials. When everything is organized, it will be convenient for you. You could easily see what you might need for the moment and not tamper with the others.

Make sure that you maintain the sanitation of your bag. No spills or anything. What’s the point of packing hygiene essentials if the bag where they are contained in is dirty?

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Some Hygiene Tips!

Now, remember that Hygiene Essentials 101 isn’t only about toiletries. It is also about all the other efforts on your part to stay as germ free as possible.

  1. Make sure that your hands are clean! In talks about body cleanliness, this comes first! You know why? You could unknowingly put your hand on your eyes, nose, or mouth which are your facial mucous membranes. These membranes are germs’ portals to your body. If you refrain from touching them or if you aren’t able to refrain from touching them but your hands are clean, you could save yourself from respiratory and flu viruses.
  2. Clean your mouth by brushing your teeth. You don’t want to have a traveler’s breath resulting from the slowing down of saliva production that happens during traveling because of certain factors.
  3. Have a good bath before you hit the road. Along with scrubbing hard hard, also shave and moisturize well. Additionally, cut your nails because you would really get a lot of dirt in your hands during traveling. You don’t want to get dirty nails, so you might as well trim them.
  4. Speaking of bath, you should always wear flip flops when showering in the comfort room of the hotel, vacation house, hostel, or any other accommodation you found yourself in. It seems insignificant, but it actually counts as a good hygiene practice. You don’t know how sanitized the floor is, so it is better if you don’t risk it.
  5. One last thing regarding all things bath, make sure that you wash your hair frequently during your travels because as you move from one place to another, you accumulate dirt in your head.
  6. If you are a female, menstruation is one of the challenges that you might face during traveling. You need to change pads every now and then to maintain sanitation in your private part. Bring a good amount of extra napkins in your bag. Also, don’t forget your feminine wash.
  7. Another thing that girls must focus on is their makeup kit. All the stuff in that kit should be clean because you put it in your face. Make sure that you will clean your brushes, sponges, and blenders. Take off the accumulated dirt from your eyelash curler. Wipe the glitters from the sides of your eyeshadow palette.
  8. See to it that you wear clean clothes. At the same time, you might iron them to not only be clean but presentable and neat too!
  9. Be mindful of your socks! Traveling might get too long and you don’t want your feet to be enclosed in there for too long. Long hours of being bounded results into an accumulation of dirt, especially if you sweat a lot. You should have extra socks, so your feet won’t smell. Prepare a bag where you would put your used socks for you to wash later when you settle.
  10. Now, speaking of sweat, bring towels, tissues, and/or wipes. If you are sweaty, you know that this one is a must. Aside from looking oily, the sweat could accumulate dirt and might clog your pores in your face and in your body. Wipe to the best of your ability!
  11. Wherever you would stay in, clean it! If you are staying in a hotel, vacation house, hostel, or any other kind of accommodation, sanitize! Make sure that the sheets of your bed and pillows are clean and that you clean up after sleeping. Wash your dishes and throw out your trash.
  12. Be careful with what you share with others during the course of your travel. If you lend a stranger a thing or two or if you are the one who borrows, practice sanitation. Have a handy hand sanitizer or alcohol to instantly kill germs that might be passed through physical contact as well as contact with dirty surfaces.
  13. Be mindful of what you eat wherever you go. Don’t just make sure that the food is okay in itself, but also make sure of the cleanliness of the utensils as well as the place where you get the food from.

Final words

Remember that with sanitation comes health. If you take all the precautionary measures to avoid infections and/or diseases while traveling by taking actions to prevent being germ free, you would surely have a wonderful travel experience.

The four steps of packing your hygiene essentials mentioned in the beginning of this article would guide you to make the preparation easy and efficient. On the other hand, the 13 hygiene tips are just some of the countless measures you could follow to practice good hygiene during your travel.

Hygiene Essentials 101 is a mantra that everyone should have especially during these times when we are all vulnerable to new viruses and diseases. It is far better to be vigilant than to face the consequences of a poor hygiene practice. Think about the fact that anytime you travel, you are basically putting your health at risk. It was the fact ever since, but we are realizing it more now during these challenging times. What we could do amidst all of these is to control the variable which we have power over and that is maintaining proper hygiene among ourselves.


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