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10 Best Chinese Restaurants in Guangzhou You Should Try

Are you visiting Guangzhou? This vibrant city northwest of Hong Kong isn’t just home to avant-garde architecture. It also takes pride in its delicious cuisines. So for this post, we will take a gastronomic adventure in Guangzhou’s top restaurants and their dishes that you should try. Explore which you find as the best Chinese restaurant in Guangzhou.

Check our top 10 list and see which one fits the bill for your stomach during your vacation:

OUR TOP PICK: Westin Guangzhou HongMian Chinese Restaurant
best Chinese restaurant in Guangzhou

Restaurant Name: Westin Guangzhou HongMian Chinese Restaurant

Restaurant Description: For those looking for authentic Chinese food, they should head straight to Westin Guanzhou HongMian Chinese Restaurant. They have original Chinese cuisines as well as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and more options. You should try their Singaporean-styled fried rice noodles as well as fried shrimps in egg yolk. Aside from that, you shouldn’t miss their beef and seafood menus. Their food is aromatic and equally titillating for the taste buds. It’s not the poshest restaurant in China, but the ambiance is just right for a casual lunch or dinner. Since this is located within the Westin Hotel and Resort, you can also check-in for a room so you can experience the HongMian goodness during your stay. The service is also excellent plus the atmosphere is a bit sleepy and cozy if you’re looking for an intimate yet affordable place. It’s not noisy, which is perfect if you want to shake off your jetlag with a nice Asian cuisine. Even if you don’t really like Cantonese food, you’ll find their food delicious. Paired with a friendly staff, Westin Guangzhou HongMian Chinese Restaurant is worth the try.

Price range: $$$-$$$

Address: No.6 Linhe Middle Road, Tianhe District | The Westin Guangzhou, Guangzhou, China

Cuisine: Authentic Chinese Cuisines

Telephone: +86 20 2826 6966

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  • Service
  • Ambiance
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Dian Dou De (Ju FuLou)

best Chinese restaurant in Guangzhou

If you prefer a brighter place, you should check the Dian Dou De in Yuexiu District. They are open from breakfast to dinner and offers vegan and vegetarian options.

Overall, Dian Dou De is reasonably priced and the best Chinese restaurant in Guangzhou. What we really like is they have an English menu, which is a big plus for tourists. You should try their fresh dim sum, custard bun, and more. They also have one of the most delicious teas in Guangzhou.

If you’re in for a unique flavor, you can try their Durian dessert. Durian is a tropical fruit with a funky smell but a heavenly taste. Take note that their food has big portions and you can even share one serving with another person if you’re not a hefty eater.

The only downside here is that the staff doesn’t really speak English. It’s best to take the photos from their reviews online and show it to them to make it easier for you to order.

Location: No.470 Huifu East Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China
Phone: +86 20 8333 2898

Bingsheng Pinwei Restaurant (Tianhe)

best Chinese restaurant in Guangzhou

Like Dian Dou De, Bingsheng Pinwei is a mid-priced restaurant with sumptuous offerings. They are located in Tianhe and serves authentic Chinese food.

Some of the must-tries are Po Luo Bao, roasted goose, pan-fried dumplings, Char siew, fried good intestines, and more. The place isn’t noisy and they also serve alcohol.

Just take note that they don’t serve breakfast and there’s no kid’s menu available in case you’re traveling with your family.

If you’re in for exotic flavors, Bingsheng Pinwei is the place to go. They have a variety of options but in a very pocket-friendly rate. Even for a reasonable price, the place looks fancy and the service is incredible. If you’re used to crowded restaurants, you’ll find Bingsheng Pinwei to be extremely huge.

If you’re planning to place a reservation ahead of time, Bingsheng Pinwei doesn’t accept any unless you’re a big group. It’s best to come early since the seats fill fast, especially during dinner time. If you want to feel fancy, you can avail one of their individual dining rooms.

Location: 1-2/F, Shibei Hotel, No.168 Tianhe East Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China
Phone: +86 20 8751 8682

Man Ho at Guangzhou Marriott Hotel

best Chinese restaurant in Guangzhou

For those who are staying in or near the Guangzhou Marriott Hotel, you should drop by Man Ho for a meal. The place is high-class and so is their food. You’ll get to taste authentic Chinese food like dim sum, chicken skin, and pickled radish, among others.

Take note that Man Ho is a bit of a posh place. You have the option to dine on a lounge table or book for a private dining room if you’re with a large group.

Their food is incredible plus you’ll get to eat all you can on their buffet. There are fresh oysters, shrimps, mussels, and many types of seafood that you can ask to be grilled. There’s also the traditional hot pot to warm your hungry tummy.

Man Ho also has a lavish dessert area where you can indulge in the best pastries prepared by topnotch chefs.

The place is upscale, so expect that the prices are a bit on the higher spectrum. What we like is that their bill is in Chinese and English.

Location: 6/F, Guangzhou Marriott Hotel Tianhe, No.228 Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China
Phone: +86 20 6102 8380

Haidilao Hot Pot

best Chinese restaurant in Guangzhou

As one of the most famous hot pot chains in China, Haidilao has multiple branches all over Guangzhou. You can choose between their branch in BeiJing Road or Tiyu West Road. Both offer the same quality of service and delicious food.

Of the two, it’s easier to order in the BeiJing Road branch since they have a tablet with the menu. It’s the best Chinese restaurant in Guangzhou if you’re looking for budget finds with a great taste.

You’ll get a lavish spread of hotpot side dishes and other cuisines. You can try the spicy soup base together with a coconut milk drink to balance the spice. Also, like most Chinese restaurants, their food always comes in large portions. If you’ve tried Haidilao Hot Pot in Singapore, the one in Guangzhou has a shorter waiting time.

Although the staff doesn’t speak English, they try to give the best service possible. The place has a nice ambiance plus the food is really good. You’ll always exit their doors filled to the brim.

What we really like is when the server does the handmade noodle stretching trick when making the hot pot.

Location: 5/F, Grandbuy Gold Jewelry Building, No.395 Zhongshan 4 Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China
Phone: +86 20 8302 7255

Location: 4/F, No.191 Tiyu West Road, Guangzhou, China
Phone: +86 20 3808 1659

Lai Heen at The Ritz Carlton Guangzhou Hotel

best Chinese restaurant in Guangzhou

If you have the budget for a Michelin star restaurant, your money is on Lai Heen at The Ritz Carlton Guangzhou Hotel. Needless to say, it’s a posh place and your meals will be prepared by top chefs.

Lai Heen is one of the finest Cantonese restaurants in Guangzhou, not to mention its traditional Cantonese vibe. They have eight semi-private and six private dining rooms.

Aside from their menu, you can also request a special dish based on your favorites. You simply tell them your favorite food items and they will try to cook a unique cuisine just for you. Take note, though, that the price is steep since this is an upscale place.

 Nevertheless, the price is worth the splurge. Also, the staff speaks English and you can get to meet the sous chef. What’s not to like about this best Chinese restaurant in Guangzhou, after all?

What we love about Lai Heen is when you tell them that you don’t like a particular dish, they will create another one based on your liking. After that, the chef will personally meet you to get your feedback.

Location: 3/F, The Ritz-Carlton Guangzhou, No.3 Xing’an Road, Pearl River New City, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China
Phone: +86 20 3813 6888

 Li Yuan Restaurant

If your budget is for a less posh place, you can try the Li Yuan Restaurant along the Main Road in YiAn Plaza. They serve delicious dim sums, stewed fish, congee, pao, and more. The service is also fast and recommendable for foreigners. It’s also easy to order since their menu has an English explanation of the food.

You should also try their aromatic and flavorful tea. It’s a perfect pair for all their food that comes fresh and hot on the table.

Overall, Li Yuan Restaurant is a must-try. Still, watch out since their prices are a bit expensive for such a type of place. It’s not shabby, but it’s not as posh as other restaurants we’ve reviewed that bear the same price range.

Since this place is adjacent to the Opera House, you can drop by after watching a show or sightseeing in the area.

Even those who aren’t into Chinese food will have something to satisfy their taste buds. One good example is Li Yuan’s sweet pork barbecue.

Location: JianShe 6th Main Road 33 YiAn Plaza 4 Floor, Guangzhou, China
Phone: +86 20 8363 3268

Wuu’s Restaurant

For those who are looking for legit, Hong Kong-flavored food, Wuu’s Restaurant is the best Chinese restaurant in Guangzhou. It’s the perfect place for a late-night dim sum among other offerings on their extensive menu.

Wuu’s is far from posh hotel restaurants. This is more economical, but the vibe has a clean, café feel. Although the place can get packed, you will still enjoy privacy since some parts of the dining area have divisions per table. Still, some spots are more like fast-food restaurants.

For their food, you should definitely try the roasted suckling pig, crispy pork, and noodle soup. It’s easy to order here if you want to order other dishes. Their menu has pictures and English translations for tourists.

Take note that the staff doesn’t speak English and may cause confusion, but their service is relatively good. We know that the food is fresh because we had to queue outside on the waiting chairs.

The only gripe we have for Wuu’s is their outrageous price. We expected a cheaper range, considering its setup.

Location: TianHe East Road 75 b1 Floor 103-107, Guangzhou, China
Phone: +86 20 8757 0062

Tou Tou Koi Rest

A shiny place in Liwan District, Tou Tou Koi Restaurant is known for its mouthwatering food. They have 300 kinds of dim sum and shrimp dumplings that are so fresh you can taste the shrimp so well.

Since the food is good, the place can get really crowded. You can wait on their large waiting area until you’re directed to a table. Take note that this restaurant is small, but they compensate for the quality of service.

If you want to experience authentic Cantonese culture, Tou Tou Koi won’t disappoint. It could get noisy, though, but we guess that it’s part of the dim sum culture. Anyway, you wouldn’t mind the noise around since the food is really good.

They have an English menu but take note that Tou Tou Koi charges higher than most restaurants on its area. To make the most out of it, we recommend that you try their smooth congee, dim sums, squid siew mai, and prawns.

Also, this restaurant is located along a shopping road which gets really busy on peak hours.

Location: No.20 Dishifu Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou, China
Phone: +86 20 8139 6111

Yin Ji ChangFen Dian

Last but not the least on our list is the Yin Ji ChangFen Dian. This is a popular restaurant in the Hui Fu East Road where you can taste the best Ciong Fen or rice noodle roll. You can also try their rice congee, shrimp, and dumplings.

This is more of an eatery than a full-fledged restaurant, but it’s always packed during lunch and dinner. The staff barely speaks English, but luckily, their menu has an English translation.

If you want to dine on a budget on Guangzhou, Yin Ji ChangFen Dian is where you should go. The food is affordable, but the taste won’t disappoint.

Location: Hui Fu East Road 519, Guangzhou, China
Phone: +86 20 8317 7149

Final words

If you’re dining in Guangzhou, you should consider going to the best Chinese restaurant in Guangzhou on our list. The food is great, and although the prices may vary, your taste buds won’t be disappointed.

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