About Us

Hey there, fellow itchy feet! My name is Karstine Venessa, a full time house mom loves writing and of course, travelling!

If you’re like me who loves to explore the world, you’re at the right place. In my blog, I showcase the best places to stay, eat, shop, visit, and experience various cultures around the globe.

From budget trips to lavish vacations, this is your one-stop resource for dining, leisure, accommodation, and anything in between.

It’s my dream to visit as many cities in the world and to share my experiences and tips on this humble website. From China, USA, Europe, and beyond, I’ll take you on a journey as I see the cities with my own eyes.

If you want, you can pack your bags and head out to the same places I’ve visited to see it for yourself.

I believe that traveling the world isn’t exclusive to those who splurge. This is why I always give on-budget tips for the traveler who’s out there to experience rather than to spend.

Like the famous saying, “This heart of mine was made to travel this world”. How about yours? Where’s your next destination?

If you have any city that you need to know more about, feel free to message me here or to drop a comment on my posts!