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10 Great Places To See In Barcelona

10 Great Places To See In Barcelona

Barcelona is known for having breathtaking sceneries and gorgeous architecture that reflects what kind of culture they have. They have places that are great tourist destinations, no wonder some of them were UNESCO listed. Barcelona indeed has a long and vibrant history that is still evident and felt up until the modern generation of today. These are the top 10 great places to see in Barcelona where you can take your family and friends.

1. Basilica de La Sagrada Familia

10 Great Places To See In Barcelona

This Basilica is one of the most spectacular neo-Gothic churches in Europe. It consists of 18 spindly towers that can be seen from nearby cities and is described as a church that was never completed but it is always on the top destination not only in Barcelona but in Europe. 

It soars above all monuments as it stands in the northern part of the city. This unique architectural designed unconventional church is made by a famous architect in Europe, Antoni Gaudi. 

The facade has a stunning interior that was carved and artistically illustrates the nativity scene as well as the death and resurrection of Jesus.

 As you enter, you will be sparkled with the colorful pieces that are on the colorful stained-glass windows, and astonishing decorative details on the ceiling. 

The overall artistic design was inspired by Catalan Modernism, Spanish Late Gothic, and the Art Nouveau. Most visitors that visit this church have a jaw-dropping experience that satisfies their overall sense of sight and spiritualism.

2. Picasso Museum

10 Great Places To See In Barcelona

This museum is not only famous in Barcelona, but it is also acknowledged in the whole world as one of the greatest houses of the world-class works of Pablo Picasso. This museum is not just like a usual museum that is filled with paintings, but this museum also depicts magnificent gothic mansions that were part of Barcelona’s old city. 

You will have a glimpse about the way Pablo Piccasso’s way of thinking as he develops and mature because all of his artworks are arranged in a chronological manner, one of the reasons why a lot of people, especially those who are inclined in arts are curious and wanting to see this house of arts. 

You will not be bored roaming around because there is a total of about 4251 unique pieces from early sketches to canvases that will surely delight all your senses. There is a total of three sections in the museum which are painting and drawing, ceramics, and engraving. 

On the architectural side, the Picasso Museum also occupies five large houses that follow the Gothic civil Catalan style dating from the 13th century and 14th century.

3. Gothic Quarter

10 Great Places To See In Barcelona

This is the old city center of Barcelona that occupies La Rambla and Via Laietana. Also, it stretches from the Ronda de Sant Pere to Mediterranean seafront. You will sense the Barcelona’s cultural vibes just by looking at structures as you wander. It has a lot of small streets that will bring you back in the medieval times, good thing it is closed to traffic so you can appreciate each detail of the structures that you will pass by.

Within the Gothic Quarter, you will be able to see the facade of the Barcelona Cathedral that is filled with a lot of Gothic-style elements and the Building of the Centre Excursionista de Catalunya where you can see its merlons, battlements, and Gothic windows. There are two churches nearby which are the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia and the Church of Santa Maria del Pi.

This is the place to be if you want to start discovering Barcelona because it is full of history that is evident from their preserved architectural designs that withstand the test of time.

4. Montjuïc Hill

10 Great Places To See In Barcelona

The Montjuic hill is the place to be if you are into parks and attractions. It is located at the foot of the Mediterranean you will also see great sceneries such as the Llobregat River, which is known to be the birthplace of Barcelona. This place is marked as the Spanish village because of the buildings that are based on Spanish architecture.

One of the most visited monuments in Barcelona is the Magic fountain of Montjuic. Your visit to Barcelona is not complete without seeing this magical choreography of water, light, and color. 

The Montjuic hill is like a city within a city because aside from the majestic view and Spanish ambiance, you will truly enjoy your day tour or night tour because of different establishments within such as the artisan craft shops, variety of cafés, nightclubs, and restaurants. 

These are also the places that you can go to if you are in Montjuic: Fundació Joan Miró modern museum, Montjuic cemetery where you can see traditional tombs of influential people, botanical garden filled with plants and ornaments, and the ethnology museum for archeologic works as well as the Olympic and Sports Museum.

5. La Barceloneta

10 Great Places To See In Barcelona

If your mood is to smell the scent of salt and to bind with the marine life, La Barceloneta is a perfect place to unwind and enjoy the luxury place with all amenities that will be enjoyed by your whole family. Strolling around the beach while waiting for the sunset is the main attraction, making it one of the best romantic places in Barcelona. 

Within the boardwalk, there are nightclubs and restaurants to hangout. Even though you are still within the city, La Barceloneta will give you the feeling that you are already in a vacation mode that will set your mood to just enjoy all the things this place has to offer. 

This is not only the best place to stroll but your appetite will also be delighted to try out their one of a kind dishes may it be meat or seafood products such as paella and tapa.

There are also historical structures that you can see in La Barceloneta such as the Carmen Amaya Fountain which is considered as a landmark of La Barceloneta, and it also holds the biggest aquarium in Europe houses different kinds of marine life found in the Mediterranean Sea with over 20 large tanks.

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6. Park Güell 

10 Great Places To See In Barcelona

This is a park where you’ll get astonished by different stone structures, gardens and some architectonic elements. It is designed by the famous Antoni Gaudi which is an architect and is known to be the face of Catalan modernism. It was once declared by the UNESCO as one of the world heritage sites in 1984.

You’ll see picturesque spots from the main entrance until the different structures that were artistically made to give you the effects that you are like in ancient times. It is located within rocky hills with little vegetation that is surrounded by trees that are why all you can breathe in the fresh air. 

This park aims to give its visitors calm and peace. Aside from the beautiful view of the main park, there is a spot where you can see a complete view of Barcelona as well as the bay that is surrounding the city. It is a common tourist destination since there is no admission fee if you wish to go in.

7. Montserrat Mountain

This place is a part of the Catalan Pre-Coastal Range where it consists of three main peaks which are the Sant Jeroni that is about 1,236 meters, Montgrós that is 1,120 meters and the Miranda de Les Agulles about 903 m. This place hosts the Virgin of Montserrat sanctuary, which is the patron saint of Catalan. 

You will be amazed by its multiple rock formations that were molded as time goes by. If you are from a distance, you will be attracted by its pink conglomerate that is built through sedimentary rock. 

The Montserrat mountain houses the Benedictine monk mountain retreat where people who stay here will surely get serenity and sense of well-being. If you are an adventurous person, you can ride the cable car that will traverse from the highest peak until the lowest part of the mountain, so you see breathtaking scenery. Since this place is used as a retreat house, you can visit a religious museum, the Montserrat Spain Cross as well as the statue of black Madonna to strengthen your spiritual belief.

8. Tibidabo Amusement Park

If you want to have an adrenaline rush on top of a scenic view, Tibidabo Amusement Park is the perfect place to be. This oldest amusement park will surely give you a whimsical feeling that will bring back your childhood memories.

It features a Ferris wheel that will let you see a majestic view of the city, a plane ride that mimics the flew of Iberian actual flight and a swing that will give you an exaggerated rush of emotions. If you do not have the courage to try their rides, there is a beautiful church that is in the Neo-gothic structure with a bronze statue where you can take a picture. This church has a view deck where you are situated at about 580 meters above sea level. 

The Tibidabo Amusement Park is not a usual theme park because the design is based on the structural theme century way back but you can be sure of the safety of each and every ride because it is well maintained. 

9. Palau de la Musica Catalana (Palace of Catalan Music)

This is another masterpiece of art in Barcelona that has striking features and is built with intricate details. It housed a thousand of stage and musical play making it one of the ancient architectural buildings in Barcelona.

This palace is a concert hall for symphonic and choral music that illustrates the rich culture of Catalan musical arts in Barcelona. It has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage site that nestled some of the works of the famous musicians, Beethoven and Bach.

From the entrance until the main concert hall, you ‘ll see different kinds of figures, symbols and colorful masterpieces of musical arts with a different theme that brings additional texture to the place. This is a perfect place if you want a different kind of date over great music in a nice venue.

This structure has been built for hundreds of decades but even though it is old, you can clearly see how their people value the essence of arts. Its ambiance will give you a remarkable experience whether you are to listen to good and relaxing music or to watch a magnificent play. 

10. La Boqueria Market

If you are wondering where to eat and buy local foods that are affordable and authentic local cuisine, La Boqueria Market is the perfect place to be. It houses different kinds of fresh and cooked meat, poultry, fish and vegetables that tourists can try. It is where you can also see locally made souvenirs that reflect the kind of culture that Catalan has to offer, no wonder, it is considered as one of the best top food markets in the world. 

It is a good place to go if you are in Barcelona to know more about the things that they have in their agriculture as well as products from other nationalities. Aside from fresh foods that they have, there are also several restaurants and bars in the market that serves their local dishes that are guaranteed to be an authentic food and truly appetizing Barcelonian dishes. 

Your perception of a market that is dirty and smelly will change once you visit La Boqueria Market because it is organized, clean and has a friendly atmosphere due to the welcoming traders. Name it and you can find it, that is how tourists and even locals describe this place. 

Final Thoughts

These must-see destinations in Barcelona from breathtaking sceneries to fascinating museums and aesthetically-made architectures are worth it for your budget, time and effort. The city’s Mediterranean climate adds to the ambiance of the beautiful spots the city has to offer. Barcelona has a rich culture that is still alive since they were able to preserve what their ancestors have given them. Visit Barcelona and take good memories with you.


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