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10 Great Places To Eat Local Food In Barcelona

10 Great Places To Eat Local Food In Barcelona

The best way to fully know a particular place is through their food. Barcelona is not only known for its majestic architecture but they are famous for having a big appetite for food whether traditional, modern and even exotic food, making it a great part of their lifestyle. A trip to Barcelona wouldn’t be complete if you would not pass by their famous restaurants to try their proudly made dishes. From the crowded venue to tiny spaces, these are the top 10 great places to eat local food in Barcelona.

1. Quimet and Quimet

10 Great Places To Eat Local Food In Barcelona

This restaurant is often mistaken as booze and wine shop because of different kinds of bottles of wines and liquors tt a conserved their walls. The jewel of this restaurant is its “conservas” or preserved food through canning or jarring methods that are made from high-quality materials that represent Catalonian culinary. These are displayed in their counters together with their famous montaditos or slices of crunchy bread with different kinds of toppings that will truly delight all your senses.

This family business started in 1914 but until now their reputation is well maintained. Quimet and Quimet is a simple place that is situated in a busy avenue. Don’t belittle their tiny space because people line up and conquer the limited space available just to taste their tapas served in a delicate manner and other signature dishes aside from its mouth-watering pastries that serve as their appetizers.

They also serve simple but lusciously cold meats, cheese, canned Spanish seafood, vegetables, and caviar. You may perceive their dishes like simple food but all of their dishes are served in a plate-like artwork that is Instagram worthy.

2. Restaurant Barceloneta

10 Great Places To Eat Local Food In Barcelona

If you are in search of a romantic and relaxing place where you can eat one of the best seafood, Restaurant Barceloneta is the place to be. It is situated in the port of Barcelona where it will give you a good view of the docks while feasting on a sumptuous meal.

They have been offering high-quality dishes that are unbeatable since 1996 and it is still evolving until today to cater to the gastronomic burst of their customers. Enjoy the true salty flavor of the city that will let you taste a Catalan-Mediterranean cuisine. They offer menus for group sharing that will entertain each and every taste that you are longing for.

It is situated in the port so you can be sure that the seafood that they will serve are fresh. It is a must try to hang-out in their terrace to feel the chill vibes of the ocean with a dock that is filled with colorful embellishments, especially at night time. You may need to have reservations on a weekend because expect that a lot will dine in whether it’s a family, partners or friends.

3. Ocaña Cafe

10 Great Places To Eat Local Food In Barcelona

Food and ambiance, this is what you will love at Ocaña Cafe. It is situated in one of the most gorgeous squares in Barcelona. You will feel the 80’s vibe through its architectural designs, from the furniture, old chandeliers, and wooden floor. You will not get bored while waiting for your order food because you can stroll around the area and be amazed by the contemporary arts that are displayed on their walls.

The dishes that they offer are straightforward, they focus more on the taste of their food rather than any sophistication. Their dishes are best paired with a cup of wine over good music. Ocaña Cafe has become a trendy venue where you can have a night out in their cocktail bar that offers all kinds of booze and wines. There is a wide selection of dishes from Catalan-inspired to Asian and North African fusion.

It has a warm atmosphere that is equipped with a spacious lounge, soft lighting, comfortable sofas and comfortable floors making you feel at home. They are fully booked during the weekends where people linger over a drink while listening to live music while they chat with their companions.

4. La Xampanyeria (Can Paixano)

10 Great Places To Eat Local Food In Barcelona

This is a place where you can enjoy a wide variety of sandwiches and tapas along with Spanish fares sparkling wines and champagne. Embutido and canned Spanish food are also one of their trademarks. Their Cava, which is their signature is best paired with their baguette-style loaf bread also known as the Bocadillos.

This place will give you a rustic feeling like you are in an old school bar where all you can hear is the happy tones of people. You will be astonished by the big chunks of meat and ham that are hanging on their ceiling that gives you the impression that even though they are already in the modern times, their way of doing things has been preserved.

They are perfectly situated in the center of Barceloneta near the different tourist destinations such as the Port, Barceloneta beach and the Gothic Quarter. This bar is a perfect place if you want to unwind from your long and tiring sightseeing in the different places of Barcelona. Accommodations a tourist or a local, you will surely feel the warm accommodation that they will give you.

5. Copasetic

10 Great Places To Eat Local Food In Barcelona

If you are health conscious but you don’t want to deprive yourselves in splurging for food without any guilt, Copasetic is the place to be. It is a famous restaurant in Barcelona for those who need specific dietary requirements. Aside from having a vegetarian list of foods, it is also an assurance that they will be giving you dishes that are 100% from organic materials that are lactose-free and gluten-free.

Their cuisine is more on the Mediterranean, European and International side that is why your tastes buds won’t surely get bored. The way the food tastes like and how it was presented will ensure that you will leave their restaurant with a full stomach. Their aim is to give you complete satisfaction as their name really means.

The overall interiors of this restaurant from their tables, chairs and other accessories will give you an idea about how long this business is running. This is a great place to go if you want to have a change after a long week of having meat. It is considered as the greatest health food store around Barcelona not only because of what they offer but because of their friendly staff that adds up to the coziness of the restaurant.

6. Can Sole

10 Great Places To Eat Local Food In Barcelona

This 100-year old restaurant is famous for its seafood and rice meals. This is a famous place to be if you want to taste dishes that have a perfect blend of European, Spanish, Catalan and Mediterranean taste. Entering the establishment will give you a touch of elegance.

You shouldn’t miss tasting their best-selling paella that tastes one of a kind. They deliver a tasty, homely and traditional taste that is signature vibes of all their dishes that is why their customers always have a return of the business. You will surely have a gastronomic experience through the flavorful dishes made by their excellent chefs.

If you are curious about how they cook, you can watch them and see how they prepare everything because their kitchen is exposed. Due to its proximity to the sea, their seafood is always fresh. They may not have a huge place but you will surely find comfort with the overall ambiance. Can Sole consistently delivers the kind of service that they are renowned for the past century.

7. Can Vilaró

This restaurant brags about their title as the restaurant for the true Catalan cuisine that is delivered through home-made meals that are served to bring out the classical and traditional way of preparing dishes. It is one of the best restaurants that offer traditional Catalan dishes that are almost forgotten by locals but good thing they still make the Catalan heritage alive.

The remarkable taste of their food is worth it for its price. Lunchtimes are always full of customers to feast on what they offer for the day which is their a la carte specialty. During winter, their famous soup and stew is always a must-try.

They are just located near the Sant Antoni market that is why what they see that is available and affordable in the market on that day is what they will cook as a specialty. You will be welcomed through the warm and beautiful smiles of their friendly staff that will give you a good mood.

8. A Tu Bola

This is a place for gourmet street food that is perfect for those who are on the rush and those who just want to have finger foods. Try out different kinds of ball dishes such as fish balls, meatballs, and veggie balls with a choice if it will be on a pita or in a plat. Each order comes with its own version of side dishes from bread to salads. Their ball dishes can either be fried, steamed, baked or cauterized that is well presented on their own version.

They only make use of fresh local products. One thing unique about this cafe is that they’ll give you the freedom to choose and mix and match different ingredients that are to be incorporated into your ball as well as our chosen side dish.

As what their name means, do what you like. This is perfect for those who are on the go. Their balls are a perfect match for their homemade lemonade and beer. It is not your usual street food that has little to no nutritional basis because, in A Tu Bola,  they are certified to serve health-conscious individuals.

9. 7 Portes

With its elegant ambiance, all the way from the 19th-century makes this restaurant as one of the oldest food places in Barcelona. If you want to try all the Barcelonian dishes, this place is an excellent venue for you. They offer a wide choice of food from me and seafood from their mouth-watering desserts and refreshments.

They are situated in a national monument that is spacious that allows them to accommodate at least 200 guests at the same time. Being in the food industry for almost 180 years makes them an expert on how they can satisfy the gastronomic needs of their customers.

Serving traditional specialties, as well as seasonal dishes, are their forte that is why you will truly leave their place with an unforgettable experience. You will truly get the value for money that you have paid for. Not only that this place has a picturesque view but the way how the food is presented will surely satisfy your visual appeal.

10. ABac

A refreshing view that is beautifully situated in a garden that is landscaped to give a relaxing vibe is the theme of this place. This restaurant brags its three nominations as the best restaurant by the Catalan Academy of Gastronomy based on its quality and excellent service. This venue gives an elegant atmosphere for a fine dining experience with a sense of sophistication and comfort.

Their dishes may have high prices but it is all worth it because of the ambiance and service. The way how they present their dishes in a nice plating will surely boost one’s appetite. Aside from their main courses, they are also famous for their signature top of the line frozen mouthwatering desserts.

This restaurant is housed in a 5-star hotel that is why guest that are checked-in enjoys the luxurious food that they offer. Their chef is imaginative and creative that is capable of delivering excellent cooking to produce unique and distinctive dishes.

Final Thoughts

Barcelona is indeed a food lover’s city. Their local foods are a reflection of their rich culture that had been preserved up until today. Roaming around through the 10 great places to eat local foods in Barcelona will let you appreciate the city because the locals patronize what their community offers. Empty your stomach as you go to Barcelona and you will surely fill it in with gastronomic experiences and fun memories that you will treasure.

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